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      Ojai Lumber Company started in 1947 at its present location.  At that time there were two other lumber yards in the valley.  Ojai Lumber has been the only lumber and building materials business located in the Ojai Valley since the early 1980ís.  The third generation of the second family to own Ojai Lumber is now involved.

      Over the years the business has grown from supplying just lumber and plywood.  We now can provide almost every thing you need to complete any project from a tree fort too a large commercial building.  Form materials, sand and gravel, rebar, cement, treated lumber, framing lumber, plywood, orientated strand board,  Simpson hardware, fasteners, insulation, drywall products, windows, doors, sidings, roofing, paint and stains, moldings and a large selection of hardware are now available at Ojai Lumber Company.

      We are a member of the Do-it Best buying co-op that has over 60,000 items in stock that can be ordered weekly through our store or on line.  Products not stocked by our suppliers can be ordered directly from the manufacture in most cases.  

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